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THE up and coming comic book experience you don't want to miss! For soooo long, there have been three highly successful companies arguably laying claim to the title, "World's greatest comics magazine". A triad, if you will. Or, as so many fans and people in the "Know", so often refer to them as.... The Big Three!

Now, there's a FOURTH! An up and coming publication that promises within a year or two's time, to become a company on par with those which the most avid comic fans have come to associate with quality art and great storytelling! That's right, true believers! Imagine, if you will... a fourth, conglomerate; poised to bring you breathtaking art, and even greater stories of heroes/villians; worlds/wonders; good versus evil!

One soon to be proud, to lay claim to the boast, "World's GREATEST comics", no disrespect intended! For we, here at SECTORS, believe that the world is a might big place, with room for heroes aplenty!

So with that having been said, the question has been asked, "Do you dare to dream?" We do! See ya around!

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