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Dear Browers, It is indeed an honor and a privelege to have had you stop by and take a look at what we've got going on! Makes us feel as if ALL of the hard work we've been putting forth is well worth the effort! We, here at SECTORS', are FINALLY starting to take in a few hits... and believe us, we would like NOTHING better than to reply to each and EVERY one of you in kind; those among you that have taken the time to see what all of the "EXCITEMENT" is about! Problem is... we've NO way of getting back with you! We STRIVE to create a user friendly site.. as INTERACTIVE as imaginable! Yet, we're having the darndest time getting YOU to leave your mark in the 'GUESTBOOK!' We value your opinion! We want to know what we can DO to make this THE best COMIC BOOK site on the web! Or, at least tell us watcha think!?


And, oh yeah... Make sure you TELL a friend!!!

Q and A's

Dear SECTITES: I know.. I know... What the HELLZ going on down there!? Where located in Tx. Y'know.. down South? Waaay down South! Well, it's all coming together! We've been sitting idle for some time now, have'nt done a whole lot in the way of UPDATING the site. And for THAT we apologize!! It's just that we've been busy preparing our off field affairs, so that we can FINALLY bring you nothing but EXCELLENCE when it comes to exploring this site! We will, in the coming NEW YEAR alter this site to great degree. We will have new GRAPHICS, new GALLERY shots, new IDEAS, and current; FREQUENTLY updated info on what exactly's going on in the world of SECTORS COMICS. We have NEW ideas that we can't wait to bring to you. But First.. we have to clear up some legalities.. get some things copyrighted, etc. Like I said... or rather, to quote Martin Lawrence famous comedian, from his Syndicated talk show of the same name..." We're about to blow UPPPP!!!" But before we care to put any ideas on the net or even give a peek at what we've got in store for you, the fans.. we want to be sure all is in order. Because we'll be adding info and shots of our LATEST project that just MAY be the FIRST to actually get published. And we think it'll be a bonafide HIT! hopefully you'll feel the same!! So, THAT's what's happening! And again.. sorry we've been away soo long! But what we've got coming up for the NEW YEAR will revolutionize the world of comics!! We garuantee!!! And in parting as usual, remember our creed... "The Level of Comic Book Excellence has just Risen!!"

Remone Durham
ICQ# 7325070